From my next-door neighbour, Pooja to Palki on FirstPost, everyone is talking about ChatGPT, wondering whom the AI bot can or cannot replace. While I firmly believe we all are replaceable sooner or later (Not necessarily by AI), curiosity got the best of me and I set out to check if ChatGPT can write its own novel without writer’s block [Read Procrastination].

Here are some questions, I asked ChatGPT.

First things First


On writing a scene involving complex yet common family dynamics.


Surprisingly, She had no problem suggesting a creative murder method.


On creating a unique plot by itself. (Full marks for the confidence, though)


Alternative plots for Classics

What do you think about AI and Creativity? Would you read a book written without human interference? Tell me in the comments below.



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One thought on “Creativity, Ethics and ChatGPT

  1. Yes definitely! I would want to read a book written by AI. Want to see how AI can rewrite some of the famous books.

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