Dear Readers,

This 100th post of our blog is dedicated to you. Thank you for choosing this space to support. What started with a handful of readers (mostly friends and family), has now grown to over 1000 unique readers every month from around the world. Many of you have not only read our posts but also been kind enough to leave comments, messages and emails of appreciation. This is what has kept us going.

For this 100th post, we leave you with some of the most-loved articles over the years.


Etthina Bhuja – My First Trek along the Western Ghats

How to Spend a day in Mangaluru


Need for a Happy Place!

Does Experience Influence Imagination?


What’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever read?

3 Short Reads to Kick-Start your Reading Habit


Indian Dining Etiquette

20 Herbs From My Garden

Guest Blogs

Somewhere Down Deep Below – Poem by Lillian Brummet

Fear and Pursuits of Life – by Harish Kamath



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