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A couple of weeks ago, I opened up my blog for guest bloggers with an intention to promote fellow writers and to expand the horizons of this blog. Today’s guest blogger is Harish Kamath – a good friend, blogger, and bibliophile like most of us. 🙂

Fear and Pursuits of Life

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Before we get to the topic, let me introduce you to my friend, Pintu. I have known Pintu for almost a decade now. Friendly, extroverted, and pretty much a jack of all trades, but Pintu has one big weakness. Tests terrify him, all kinds of them.

This happened a few months back when Pintu was up for his dream job. He had all the right qualifications and skills to get thru, but he was so terrified that he botched up even the simplest question of “What is 2+2”. Fear had paralyzed him at a critical juncture and he couldn’t answer the most basic questions.

After the interview, Pintu decided to be fearless in the future tests that came his way. So on the day before another test, he decided to indulge heavily in all his favorite foods, drinks, and desserts. The next day, he showed up for his blood sugar test, and needless to say, the numbers were off the charts. Pintu had to sacrifice his desserts that day forth.

Now I know, the above anecdotal story is a little exaggerated. It was with a good reason to get a point across. What is fear? And should we be scared or fearless in our daily pursuits of life? The answer is neither.

Fear is our natural response to anything unknown and unpredictable. It is like friction, too much of it and you can’t move, too little of it and you can’t stop slipping and hurting yourself. Fear is the necessary devil you cannot get rid of.

In her book, “ Big Magic” – Elizabeth Gilbert compares fear to the annoying co-passenger you just cannot get rid of and rather suggests accommodating it in your journey. Don’t fight it, give it a good amount of leg space and even a welcoming speech before your start your pursuit.

Below is the welcome speech you could probably give your annoying companion.

If you liked the above quote, check out the book. It has more to offer on how to live life creatively beyond any fear.

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