Hello, you wonderful people out there,

Hope you are all holding up well today on Lockdown Day 29, is it? I truly have lost count of it. Sending out positive vibes and love to you and your family.

So, yesterday was Biryani-day at home. I was never really a Biryani person (Don’t judge me yet), mainly because everyone told me that Biryani always meant Chicken or some other non-veg Biryani. Veg Biryani is just Pulav (duh!) (I am a vegetarian, btw)

And the few times I actually tried Veg Biryani in some restaurants famous for the non-veg version of it, it failed to tickle my taste buds. While I loved the aroma, it is all I really loved about it. Either I would find it too bland or too spicy or simply not blended well. So after a while, I stopped ordering Biryani.

But my husband, who happens to be a good chef, managed to convince me that there is a thing called Veg Biryani and it is very very different from a Pulav. He decided to make  Paneer Biryani for lunch (Which turned out so well that I had it for dinner as well).


He cooked the Biryani like he was making art (I truly believe that cooking is an art form, and not everyone is an artist). From slow roasting the onions to making the perfect gravy (Apparently it is called ‘Dum’. Hence the name Dum- Biryani) everything was simply perfect.

I am not a great cook, but I am a foodie and a food enthusiast (if that is even a word). What I mean is that I like to try new dishes and experiment with my food. So with the abundance of good and bad experiences that I have had with food, I hands down pronounce this the best Biryani I have ever had (And I am not saying this because my husband made it. I don’t do that with food :P)

I loved every bit of it. I had it with Pudina(mint) chutney and a lemon soda on the side.  Not only did the Biryani regain it’s lost value in my eyes, it also managed to drive away the Monday blues.

What is your Biryani experience? Tell me in the comments below.

Signing off,

Ashwini Shenoy

Author of Shikhandini

Featured Image: By me 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Biryani Day!

  1. Ah this is so sweet and so much relatable…since I too recently got a chance to cook Dum Biryani! And damn, it really is tasty!!

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