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In today’s post, I am writing about a topic that I have personally experienced several times. But never really gave it a thought. Until one day I read a quote on someone’s Instagram profile (I am super active on Instagram).

The topic is “Small Consistent Effort” towards reaching your goal.

It has been said by several motivational speakers and achievers that constant effort, perseverance and commitment is what differentiates a talented person from a successful one.

But it is hard to keep going when you cannot see the results even after several weeks or months of consistent effort. For instance, when you try to cut down on the carbs and workout every day, yet you do not see a considerable difference in your weight at the end of a week or a month. You feel disheartened and often relapse into your old habits. In simple words, when you don’t see the outcome in the expected time, you give up.

It is true for all of us. I experienced this when I started a Mahabharata quiz on my Instagram stories. I started it to spread knowledge and encourage people to learn about our history and Mythology. Over the first week, only my very close friends and less than ten other people participated. The numbers began to reduce over the week and I was disheartened. So one day I did not post the question at the regular time I always did – between 7 and 8 am. It was on the same day I read the post below:


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It got me thinking. Even if I wasn’t gaining anything from this quiz, I wasn’t losing anything either. And at the end, I would have a nice collection of questions related to the Epic which might help someone, someday.

After that, I kept posting the questions every single day without fail, even on days when there were hardly any participants. On the following days, I received messages from many saying that I was doing a good job and that the quiz was helping them improve their knowledge on the said topic. It helped me to keep going.

This morning, I posted my 17th question. And in the first hour, there were more than 50 participants. Although not a great example, this small instance certainly proved the point.

I have these two equations written on a post-it above my desk. It is a reminder that –

Small Consistent Effort always makes a difference at the end even if it is not evident in the beginning.

Are there any instances from your life that has proved this equation right? Tell me in the comments below.

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